By OXE Marine

Why A Diesel Outboard?


The OXE Diesel is designed to be safe in any environment. Robust design, low-speed control and a quick-shift capability lead to safe operations under adverse conditions. Diesel is a more available and a less flammable fuel than gasoline, therefore, it is much safer to work with than gasoline within all working environments.


Due to a significantly lower fuel consumption than an outboard built for the leisure market, OXE Diesel offers the user unprecedented range. The fact that OXE Diesel runs on diesel also provides the user with the ability to refuel from larger diesel-powered vessels or marine-based platforms that further increases the versatility.


The modular design makes it possible to approach service and maintenance in a flexible way, as entire modules can be swapped out and serviced on land, hence keeping operational runtimes up. The standardized transom mounts are interchangeable. Service and overhauls of the OXE Diesel can thereby be performed away from the boat and the unit can simply be replaced in the meantime, which further minimizes the downtime of the boat and increases the uptime for the operation.


The powerful high torque of the 6 cylinder Bi-turbo diesel engine manifests itself throughout the OXE300. Together with the modular design and robust transmission, it provides the users with reliable options to use the engine as both a powerful workhorse and a high-speed solution.

Diesel provides for high efficiency and torque. It gives increased load capacity and greatly reduced fuel consumption compared to gasoline, increasing the range by over 60%.

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